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I am a Private Pilot and owner of a 1967 Cessna 172. I am also building a Van’s Aircraft RV-9A experimental kitplane. This blog is a journal of my aviation experiences.


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  1. Bob Edmondson says:

    Hi Mike…thanks very much for the batt R & R info.

    Do you happen to know of an after market source for the outer screen (not the LCD) for the 496 or the 396 (both are the same dim’s). My 396 has developed about 20-30 small dots. They do not interfere with the display when it is turned on, i.e., they are mostly visible mostly when it is turned off, and then only when the unit is tilted just so.

    I have heard that a replacement screen is made somewhere, but it does not have the model info plackard on it, i.e., it is the screen only.

    Thanks for any info you may have and thanks again for the batt change procedure.

    Kind regards, Bob Edmondson, Brookshire, TX based at 27XS.

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